Histamine receptors


Histamine receptors are activated by the endogenous ligand histamine. Marked species differences exist between histamine receptor orthologues [1]. The human and rat H3 receptor genes are subject to significant splice variance [2]. The potency order of histamine at histamine receptor subtypes is H3 = H4 > H2 > H1 [3]. Some agonists at the human H3 receptor display significant ligand bias [4]. Antagonists of all 4 histamine receptors have clinical uses: H1 antagonists for allergies (e.g. cetirizine), H2 antagonists for acid-reflux diseases (e.g. ranitidine), H3 antagonists for narcolepsy (e.g. pitolisant/WAKIX; Registered) and H4 antagonists for atopic dermatitis (e.g. adriforant; Phase IIa) [3] and vestibular neuritis (AUV) (SENS-111 (Seliforant, previously UR-63325), entered and completed vestibular neuritis (AUV) Phase IIa efficacy and safety trials, respectively) [5,6].


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Excerpt from IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology
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