Calcium-sensing receptor


The calcium-sensing receptor (CaS) responds to multiple endogenous ligands, including extracellular calcium and other divalent/trivalent cations, polyamines and polycationic peptides, L-amino acids (particularly L-Trp and L-Phe), glutathione and various peptide analogues, ionic strength and extracellular pH (reviewed in [1]). While divalent/trivalent cations, polyamines and polycations are CaS receptor agonists [2,3], L-amino acids, glutamyl peptides, ionic strength and pH are allosteric modulators of agonist function [4,5,6,7,8]. Indeed, L-amino acids have been identified as "co-agonists", with both concomitant calcium and L-amino acid binding required for full receptor activation [9,10]. The sensitivity of the CaS receptor to primary agonists is increased by elevated extracellular pH [11] or decreased extracellular ionic strength [8]. This receptor bears no sequence or structural relation to the plant calcium receptor, also called CaS.


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Excerpt from IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology
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