Human NPFFR2

Figure. Concentration-dependent activation of NPFFR2 by NPFF

Reporter cells were transfected with either the expression plasmid for human neuropeptide FF receptor 2 (NPFFR2) or the mock plasmid and treated with various concentrations of NPFF. Data points shown are the mean ± SEM of an experiment (n = 3), and the curve is a fit to Hill equation with an EC50 of 280 pM.

neuropeptide FF receptor 2
Available assay modes
Agonist, Inverse agonist, Antagonist, PAM, NAM
à la carte, Human non-orphan GPCRs

Neuropeptide FF/neuropeptide AF receptors

The Neuropeptide FF receptor family contains two subtypes, NPFF1 and NPFF2, which exhibit high affinities for neuropeptide FF (NPFF, O15130) and RFamide related peptides (RFRP: precursor gene symbol NPVF, Q9HCQ7). NPFF1 is broadly distributed in the central nervous system with the highest levels found in the limbic system and the hypothalamus. NPFF2 is present in high density in the superficial layers of the mammalian spinal cord where it is involved in nociception and modulation of opioid functions.
Excerpt from IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology

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