Reliable and comprehensive GPCR functional assay

making any GPCRs, even orphan receptors, targettable
313 human G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in native sequences including 95 orphan receptors and 218 non-orphan receptors.
Versatile and super-sensitive test cells installed with an artificial gene curcuit to amplify signals. Verified with >99% of 218 non-orphan GPCRs.
Allround Gα cocktail. Enormously powerful in orphan GPCR drug discovery. Verified with 95% of non-orphan GPCRs.
Signal/background ratio exceeds 100-fold in GPCRs with low constitutive activities.

GPCR drug discovery services launched

Researchers at the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo have developed new technologies to measure GPCR activities with extraordinary sensitivity and specificity. Tanso Biosciences is the academic spin-off to apply their innovation and revolutionize GPCR drug discovery. With its assay platform, Tanso Biosciences contributes to promoting human health by expanding frontiers, accelerating research, and reducing risks of drug development. We offer commercial services to screen compounds against our exhaustive set of >300 GPCRs. Our ultra-sensitive receptor activity assay and exhaustive receptor panel enable pharmaceuticals and biotechs to reliably assess risk and opportunities of their compounds. with us, no GPCR hangs too high to harvest
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