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Explore the frontier of drug discovery with our cutting-edge assay platform, featuring GPCR-selective signal amplification technology and unparalleled receptor coverage.

Welcome to Tanso Biosciences, a leading provider of functional assays for G-protein-coupling receptors (GPCRs). Our proprietary technology allows for the selective amplification of GPCR-induced signals in reporter cells, providing sensitive and specific readouts for a wide variety of GPCRs. We offer a range of panel options and custom assays to meet the unique needs of our clients, and provide contract research services to pharmaceuticals, biotech companies, food companies, and academia worldwide. We also engage in our own in-house drug discovery projects. Explore our site to learn more about our services and how we can support your research.

Core Business

Drug Discovery Enterprise

We take advantage of our all-around assay technology and engage in drug discovery for orphan GPCRs.

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Contract Services

Panel assays, concentration dependence analysis, and other functional assays for > 550 human and mouse GPCRs.

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Assay Platform


  • On-target and off-target screening for drug discovery
  • Compound profiling
  • Strategy development
  • In-licensing assessment
  • Drug repurposing

Key Features


Characterizes compounds' potency, not affinity, on the G-protein pathways of the target GPCR in various modes


Dramatically and specifically amplifies G-protein-dependent signals


All GPCRs are amenable in single assay format, regardless of Gα proteins coupled

Clients & Partners

Here are just a few of our valued clients and partners.


I highly recommend Tanso Biosciences for their assay platform. Its reliability and industry-leading receptor coverage make it a uniquely valuable guide to GPCR drug discovery. We experienced a quick turnaround time as well.

CEO, Capacity Bio, CA, USA

Tanso Bio helps us accelerate structure-activity relationship studies.

Researcher, Pharma A

Tanso Bio's assays have revealed key features of our compounds that would otherwise remain unnoticed.

Researcher, Pharma B

Assay Examples

Shown below are a few use cases of our assay platform.

Large-Scale Panel

Antagonistic activities of carvedilol against 200 human non-orphan GPCRs

Endocrinol/Metab Panel

TAK-875, an antidiabetic agent, against 48 GPCRs associated with endocrinology and metabolism

Antagonist Mode Conc-Response Analysis

AGTR1 was treated with various concentrations of an antagonist, valsartan, in the presence of angiotensin II.

Orphan GPCR Screening

Concentration-dependent activation of GPR68 by a newly identified agonist

Proton Sensitivity

Activity of GPR65 at various pH


Agonist-induced concentration-dependent activation of LPAR6, a G12/13-coupled receptor

News & Updates

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