With its innovative functional assay platform for G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR), Tanso Biosciences promotes human health by expanding frontiers in drug discovery and accelerate research & development.

Core Business

Drug Discovery Enterprise

We take advantage of our all-around assay technology and engage in drug discovery for orphan GPCRs.

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Contract Services

Panel assays, concentration dependence analysis, and other functional assays for > 300 orphan and non-orphan GPCRs.

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Assay Platform

Key Features


Characterizes compounds’ potency, not affinity, on target GPCR in various modes


Dramatically and specifically amplifies G-protein-dependent signals


All GPCRs are amenable in single assay format, regardless of Gα proteins coupled


  • On-target and off-target screening for drug discovery
  • Compound profiling
  • Strategy development
  • In-licensing assessment
  • Drug repurposing

Voice of Client

Pharma A

Tanso Bio helps us accelerate structure-activity relationship studies.

Pharma B

Tanso Bio’s assays have revealed key features of our compounds that would otherwise remain unnoticed.

Assay Examples

Shown below are a few use cases of our assay platform.

Large-Scale Panel

Antagonistic activities of carvedilol against 200 human non-orphan GPCRs

Endocrinol/Metab Panel

TAK-875, an antidiabetic agent, against 48 GPCRs associated with endocrinology and metabolism

Orphan GPCR Screening

Concentration-dependent activation of GPR68 by a newly identified agonist

Proton Sensitivity

Activity of GPR65 at various pH


Agonist-induced concentration-dependent activation of LPAR6, a G12/13-coupled receptor

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Send us a message via the form below or write to us at info@tansobio.com.

Service Flow Chart

Request for Quotation

Tell us about the types of tests you need, the number of compounds, the receptors of interest, and other preferences. A non-disclosure agreement is optional.



A non-disclosure agreement is optional.


Compound Shipment

The client ships test compounds to our laboratory. We usually perform assays and write a report in three weeks from the receipt of the compounds.


Receipt of the Report

We provide the report and raw data for the client via email or a cloud service.


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