Reliable and comprehensive GPCR functional assay

making any GPCRs, even orphan receptors, targettable
Tansobiosciences' innovation in GPCR functional assay has opened up whole new opportunities in drug discovery.

Large-Scale Comprehensive Panels

Tanso Biosciences' large-scale comprehensive panels make the most of its innovative functional assay technologies (international patent application filed) and cover industry-leading 297 human GPCRs.
Panel Assay Example
Antihypertensive agent carvedilol was screened for 200 human non-orphan GPCRs and shown to selectively antagonize α1 and β adrenoceptors.

Focused GPCR panel series, FlexPanel48

FlexPanel48 is a cost-effective, flexible panel with 48 human GPCRs powered by our innovative functional assay technologies (international patent application filed).
Custom Panels
You can choose any 48 receptors from 200 non-orphan and 94 orphan GPCRs.
Therapeutic Area Panels
Thirteen panels focused on as many therapeutic areas. One can start from one of them and customize it as necessary.

Tanso Biosciences' GPCR Drug Discovery Platform

Researchers at the Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo, have developed new technologies to measure GPCR activities with extraordinary sensitivity and specificity. Tanso Biosciences is the academic spin-off to apply their innovation and revolutionize GPCR drug discovery. With its assay platform, Tanso Biosciences promotes human health by expanding frontiers, accelerating research, and reducing drug development risks. We offer commercial services to screen compounds against our exhaustive set of >300 GPCRs. with us, no GPCR hangs too high to harvest
Details of our GPCR functional assay technologies

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