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Tanso Biosciences Expands Its Assay Line-up with 250 Mouse GPCRs

January 17, 2023

Ito, Jakuchu. Marriage of Mice. 1794.
Ito, Jakuchu. Marriage of Mice. 1794.

Tanso Biosciences, a leading provider of functional assays for G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), is thrilled to announce a major expansion of its assay platform. Building upon its already extensive coverage of 300 human GPCRs, Tanso Biosciences has added 250 mouse GPCRs to its platform, bringing the total coverage to an impressive 550 GPCRs. This expansion represents a significant breakthrough in GPCR drug discovery, unlocking new opportunities to identify and develop effective treatments for a wide range of diseases.

Concentration-response analysis of mouse 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1A (Htr1a) versus serotonin, performed on Tanso Biosciences’ assay platform
Concentration-response analysis of mouse 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1A (Htr1a) versus serotonin, performed on Tanso Biosciences' assay platform.

GPCRs are a group of proteins vital in regulating various physiological processes in the body and are, therefore, attractive targets for the treatment of numerous diseases. Tanso Biosciences has developed proprietary technology (Patent Publication No. WO/2020/026979) that allows for selective amplification of GPCR-induced intracellular signals in reporter cells, resulting in sensitive and specific readouts for a wide range of GPCRs. Our assays can be applied to various modalities, including small molecules, ions, peptides, and antibodies, and are not restricted by the coupled G proteins of the GPCRs being studied. Our technology provides a unique solution for drug discovery and development efforts targeting GPCRs.

In addition to comprehensive panels covering a maximum of 294 human receptors and 250 mouse receptors, Tanso Biosciences offers smaller-scale panels focusing on specific therapeutic areas and fully customizable panels that allow users to design their combinations of receptors and assay modes. We also provide concentration-response analysis, proton sensitivity analysis, and custom assays to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Non-orphan GPCRs216187
Orphan GPCRs9463
Number of available receptors

We offer exceptional assay services renowned for their extensive coverage, rapid turnaround time, ease of customization, and cost-effectiveness. With a vast selection of 550 GPCRs, including 216 human non-orphan, 94 human orphan, 187 mouse non-orphan, and 63 mouse orphan receptors, our assays provide unparalleled breadth and depth. Our GPCR Catalog ( features a comprehensive list of the receptors along with hundreds of corresponding concentration-response curves. The turnaround time for our assays can be as short as two weeks, depending on the study scale and design. Our assays are easy to customize, with flexibility in replication numbers, compound concentrations, and the selection of receptors in a panel. Despite our assays' unique and specialized nature, we can offer them at a highly cost-effective rate.

GPCR Catalog

Vast collection of 300 human GPCRs and 250 mouse GPCRs with hundreds of concentration-response curves and more.

Tanso Biosciences was established in 2018 as a spin-off from The University of Tokyo, drawing on over two decades of research by our expert scientists. Based in Tokyo, Japan, we are dedicated to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in its drug discovery pursuits. We offer our services to a global client base, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, food companies, and academic institutions. In addition, we engage in our own drug discovery initiatives and are open to collaborating with other companies on research and development projects.

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