We are pleased to announce that the core technology for our GPCR functional assay has been patented in Japan. The University of Tokyo holds the patent and exclusively licenses it to Tanso Biosciences.


Ikeda Y, Kumagai H. (2023). Membrane Protein Activity Measurement Method (Japan Patent No. 7367974, Publication No. WO/2020/026979). Japan Patent Office. 

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are proteins that exist on the cell membrane, and there are hundreds of GPCRs in humans. GPCRs regulate various physiological functions and are related to many diseases, so they have been studied as promising drug targets. However, there are problems with existing test methods, such as many challenging receptors and high costs, which have significantly hindered GPCR research.

Our founding researchers developed a sensitive and comprehensive GPCR functional assay method, the technology of this patent, at the University of Tokyo to solve these problems and expand the frontier of drug discovery. This method can evaluate the activity of GPCRs using the same protocol, regardless of the G protein subtypes. Furthermore, it is cost-effective and requires only standard equipment, reagents, and techniques.

Our test already serves a wide range of pharmaceuticals' GPCR drug discovery enterprises internationally, such as compound screening and lead optimization. We are further deepening this technology to contribute more to developing innovative drugs.