Mouse Adora1

Figure. Concentration-dependent activation of Adora1 by NECA

Reporter cells were transfected with either the expression plasmid for mouse adenosine A1 receptor (Adora1) or the mock plasmid and treated with various concentrations of the reference agonist. Data points shown are the mean ± SEM of an experiment (n = 4).

adenosine A1 receptor
Available assay modes
Agonist, Inverse agonist, Antagonist, PAM, NAM
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Adenosine receptors

Adenosine receptors are activated by the endogenous ligand adenosine (potentially inosine also at A3 receptors). Crystal structures for the antagonist-bound [1,2,3,4], agonist-bound [5,6,7] and G protein-bound A2A adenosine receptors [8] have been described. The structures of an antagonist-bound A1 receptor [9] and an adenosine-bound A1 receptor-Gi complex [10] have been resolved by cryo-electronmicroscopy. Another structure of an antagonist-bound A1 receptor obtained with X-ray crystallography has also been reported [11]. caffeine is a nonselective antagonist for adenosine receptors, while istradefylline, a selective A2A receptor antagonist, is on the market for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.


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Excerpt from IUPHAR/BPS Guide to Pharmacology

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